The red flower oak of Guamuhaya

by Ernesto Testé
A project of Planta! brings hope for several species of rare trees of Central Cuba. Ernesto tells us all about the reintroduction of two valuable species of trees in this part of the Island. Piño, the best seed collector we know, was a key person in this story.

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A Cuban Magnolia in Topes de Collantes

by Luis Roberto González Torres
Ten years after unveiling the mystery of Magnolia cubensis subsp. acunae, a team of Planta! assess the outcomes of this conservation project and sets ambitious goals, like preserving the forest where it grows this legendary tree of Topes de Collantes.

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The life of the “guano palm”

by José Angel García-Beltrán
Named after Dr. Atila Borhidi, a Hungarian botanist who devoted many years to the study of the Cuban flora, Coccothrinax borhidiana needs our help to secure its survival.

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