Planta! Camp 2019: the footprint multiplies (part 2)

by Juan Carlos Calahorra
Along with 29 students of several Cuban universities, Juan Carlos experienced four days of intense learning: leadership, project management, working with the community, science communication, science ethics, among other topics related with biodiversity conservation.

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When the effort is fruitful

by Michel Faife Cabrera
A team of Planta! explores the intricate shores of the Agabama River in Santa Clara looking for new individuals of Rhodogeron coronopifolius, a unique plant from the riparian forests of Central Cuba.

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Like “sangre de doncella”

by Enma Torres Roche
Harpalyce macrocarpa or “sangre de doncella” (maiden’s blood), is one of the Top 50 most threatened plants of Cuba.Enma Torres leads and interesting project to save this endangered species.

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