Conservation of Phyllanthus subcarnosus in Cuba

Phyllanthus subcarnosus is a tree species from Cuba and Hispaniola that has been reported growing in mangroves, serpentine areas and calcareous regions. In the past, this tree has been collected in at least 20 localities in Cuba according to herbaria records.

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Plant conservation across the Caribbean

by Luis Roberto González Torres
The Caribbean Hotspot for Biodiversity comprises more than 12 thousand plant species, many of which occur in more than one island. Planta!’s team develops an initiative to preserve and recover the shared-endemic Caribbean plants. These are the first outcomes.

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Ekmanianthe longiflora (Roble Real)

Ekmanianthe longiflora, commonly known as the Royal Oak, is an endemic species of Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti. In Cuba, as far as we know, there are only seven plants left. In Dominican Republic, the species has been reported only from ‘Sierra de Barahona’.

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