In 2018, Planta! provided conservation education to 6000 people, training to 98 conservation practitioners and ran 18 conservation projects that benefited directly the populations of threatened plant species. Our team also planted in the wild 2320 saplings of rare threatened species with the collaboration of more than 150 volunteers

Our Mission

Planta!'s mission is to preserve endangered plant life and their habitats by educating the public, creating capacities and supporting conservationists pursuing innovative initiatives for people and biodiversity to thrive.


95 %

of our funds are used for conservation

Our Approach

Planta! considers local community-based projects the foundations of effective conservation.

We work on developing conservation knowledge, skills, concern, and commitment in the individuals who will be able to identify, work on and resolve local community issues, and from there address regional conservation challenges by networking and collaborating region-wide.

Educating the public

A community aware of the importance of plants for human to thrive, that is proud of its native plant life and have learnt to enjoyed, commits to its preservation.

Building local capacities

A community with appropriate knowledge and skills identifies environmental challenges, and creates innovative solutions to overcome them.

Networking & Sharing

Communities that share resources and experiences have higher chance of succeed, and make the most of the limited funds that are available for plant life conservation.

Delivering science-based conservation

Local community actions when based on good science deliver bigger, better, faster and long-lasting conservation outcomes.