A paradise of orchids

por Randy Simón
Building capacities is one of Planta!’s primary goals. In this new adventure, professors and students are traveling to Eastern Cuba to look for rare plants. Randy, a Biology student, tells us more about this journey, the lessons he learned, and his new passion-orchids.

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Preserving is loving – memoirs of a workshop in Brazil

by Dennys de Vales
Our journey this time was bit further. I was not travelling to a natural site or a forest. With Planta!’s support, I was able to assist the XIV Workshop on Conservation Genetics in the city of Natal, Brazil. Every year this event is organized by the Network of Genetics for Conservation. The main goal of the workshop is to provide Latin American students with the skills to apply genetics to conservation.

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To the gardens first, then to the forests

by Enma Torres Roche
After months propagating plants of Harpalyce macrocarpa, the time to reinforce the population of this endangered plant has finally arrived. Leaded by Enma, a team of Planta! arrives to San Felipe looking forward to this crucial step of the conservation project.

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The young generation of a Cuban plant

by Michel Faife
A wonderful accomplishment awaits for this team of Planta! working by the Ochoa river, where several propagated plants of Rhodogeron coronopifolius were reintroduced a while ago. This jewel of our flora it’s getting ready to conquer a site known as “El Playazo”.

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A lomo de mulos visitando magnolias

Finding magnolias on mule-back

by Ernesto Testé
Finding new magnolias in the mountains of Eastern Cuba and contributing to their conservation is the goal of one of Planta!’s teams. This time, they are traveling to one of Cuba’s most isolated sites.

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